Create Your Dream Brand

Create a brand identity you LOVE for the business you WANT with our best-selling branding course.  

It's less what the eye sees, and more what the soul feels.


let me be your guide on your branding journey.

Craft a brand identity that makes your dream customers say 'OMG! It looks SOOOO good!'

are you ready for a brand transformation?

At our core, we're dedicated to shaping values-driven brands. Let's lead you in crafting a heart-centered brand identity that truly connects with your audience and stops the scroll for your dream customers. 

Intentional branding is like a spell, are you ready to uncover your brand's magic?

A cohesive brand builds trust and credibility, leading to increased customer loyalty, referrals & profit.

Make more money

Brand clarity forges strong connections, attracting dream clients with your unique value & increasing engagement.

Attract dream clients

A strong brand instills confidence, allowing you to stand out & make bold decisions for business success.

Unleash your confidence

Leave 'Imposter Syndrome' behind and...


Course topics & modules include:

Build your
brand core

Navigate your vision, harness your values, find your dream customers, and unleash your unique superpower. Build a rock-solid brand core that propels your business to new heights, shaping every branding decision with precision.



Create your
brand look

Curate an irresistible brand style, aligned with your brand core, to convey emotion & values. Dive into the psychology of colour, fonts, and typography pairings. Access my top-tier resources for royalty-free images, crafting a brand look that stands out.


your brand

Infuse your brand into every platform and digital realm. Build recognition and consistency using the Style
Guide you create. Our brand checklist guarantees your strategy and visuals resonate across all channels.


Crush your
business goals

A well-crafted brand breeds audience trust, fueling engagement and profit. Our course aims to amplify your brand clarity, consistency, and confidence, propelling you to skyrocketing success. 


A course for non-designers who want a meaningful & cohesive brand identity

start creating

"This course is an excellent starting point for anyone starting a business, heading into a rebrand or needing clarity around branding in general. "

-Heather D.

"You'll get all the guidance you need to create a simple and attractive brand presence that connects with your ideal client. If you want a DIY brand that doesn't make you or your audience cringe, take this course!

karen Myers, ceo of first steps strategies

"It’s created momentum to move forward more quickly and get unstuck on certain aspects of what I wanted to offer because now I am totally clear on who my brand is, who I want to serve and how I hope to do so."



style guide template

videos broken down into bite-sized modules

A PDF workbook with exercises & worksheets that accompany the training videos.

An easy-to-use Canva Style Guide customizable for your newly created brand identity.

75 minutes of video instruction with examples, visuals and more, 6-month access.


Here's what's included:

Get ready to create your own dream brand.


created specifically for business owners & non-designers.


This is the ultimate deal for business-owners looking to define their brand!

Most Popular, 6-month access

$247 USD

instant access


This is a self-paced course.


Get the course AND an hour-long 1:1 VIP Zoom Session with Fallon for expert advice.

Best Value, 1-year access

$447 USD

instant course access
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what's included in the vip upgrade

Need more clarity?
Add on a VIP 1:1 Session for personalized support.

Add on an hour-long 1:1 VIP Zoom Session with Fallon. 

In this session we will go over your specific questions, struggles and ideas related to YOUR brand.

Get personalized feedback & expert brand identity consultation.

Walk away with increased confidence & clarity on your brand design in addition to the Create Your Dream Brand Course.

vip package

One year access to the course videos

Due to the digital nature of the course, all sales are final.

What is your refund policy?

An existing business, or an idea of a business you want to start and a free Canva account. You do not have to have any design programs or design background.

what do I need to start?

Approximately 90-minutes of video instruction plus a PDF workbook with exercises.

how long is the course?

The workbook is provided in PDF format, you may find it helpful to print it out to fill it in.

do I need a printer?

I don't cover how to make a logo in this course, but do teach you ALL THE OTHER VISUAL IDENTITY portions that go into a strong brand.

will you teach me how to make a logo?

The course videos & workbook are self-study. If you add-on a VIP session you get 60 minutes of personalized support on your brand.

is this course self-study?




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Create a brand identity you love for the business you want with our DIY branding course.

Learn at your own pace with this self study course.

Impact, income, intention - Refine and align your brand to attract your ideal client.

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