Cosmic Content

start generating ai images in 15 minutes

A Tutorial to Help You Create Social Media Images with AI

Are you tired of using the same, old, generic stock photos?
Do you wish you had custom images that felt on brand?

does this sound familiar?

Using stock photos from the same sites EVERYONE is using (including your competitors).

Your brand images feel generic & bland and not custom.

Wanting new imagery & photos but not ready to plan and pay for a photoshoot each time.

Your images feel disjointed or not in your brand colours.

but now you WANT THIS:

A competitive edge using AI imagery for your social media.

Custom images that feel unique & fresh that only you are using.

Able to generate social media images quickly & efficiently without planning a photoshoot each time.

To create compelling images in your brand colours and your brand image style.

Cosmic Content can help

Get ready to...

-Stand out online

-Develop your unique AI image style

-Create cohesive branded images for your socials

The mini-course will show you how to use the Visual Electric AI platform to create your own AI social media images.

What's included in COSMIC CONTENT?

The mini-course to start using AI for only $39 USD

  • Visual Electric Tutorial in Notion
  • Image Style Guide Database
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • BTS of my AI creative process
  • How to develop & choose your image style
  • Prompt formula, tips & tricks

Exactly what i Need

it's your AI GUIDE

I'm Fallon, and I'm happy you're here.

I specialize in crafting personal brands with memorable visuals that evoke emotion. I started using AI in 2023 and haven't looked back. It's now an integral part of my creative process and I use it daily.

AI is here to stay and the future of content creation - ready to dive in?

Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

What is Visual Electric?

Visual Electric is the AI platform the mini-course teaches. It is super beginner friendly and provides 55+ images styles available so I'm confident you will be able to find an image style that matches your brand identity.

What will I learn exactly? 

You will learn a prompting formula and how to work with ai to co-create images. The tutorial also features an in-depth image style guide and guidance on how to find & pick your own image style for your brand.  You will be able to start generating images in 15 minutes or less with this tutorial!

What is your refund policy?

All sales of digital products are final. No refunds will be granted due to the immediate access and nature of digital products.  Please reach out if you have questions.

Who is this mini-course for?

This mini-course is created for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to start using AI to create their own social media images (and more).  It is developed for non-designers to use and understand.

Do I need a paid plan to generate images?

Visual Electric allows you to create 40 images a day for personal use only.  This is a great way to try the platform and experiment with AI first. If you want to use the images for your business you will need to sign up for a paid image plan.

Don't miss out on the
AI movement

I'm ready to buy for $39

You've  Made It this Far

All the images on this page were created using ai in visual electric.

This course was developed in collaboration with maya caldwell of moon seeds studio.