I've worked with small start-ups to national, legacy brands. 

I'M Fallon, A brand strategist & designer of 15 years.


I specialize in crafting exceptional brands with memorable visuals that evoke emotion.  I work with brands & creative teams all over the world in the ever-evolving landscape of brand strategy & design. My work is known for a refined approach with a focus on sophisticated simplicity.

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A little about the clients who choose Dekka Creative

The individual seeking our services is a relationship-oriented creative business owner in fields like travel, hospitality, beauty & wellness, retail, digital marketing, or coaching & consulting. They value stunning visuals and brand-focused work. They aspire to have a brand that reflects their business, core values, and brand voice, positioning them as industry leaders and attracting their dream clients.

Our heartfelt mission is to guide business owners in unveiling a standout brand in their industry. We excel at crafting authentic brand identities, creating something deeply cherished and uniquely owned for each entrepreneur.

Does this sound like you? We can't wait to start your brand transformation.


A start in corporate communications to an eye-opening revelation. I questioned my marketing degree and career path, realizing institutions weren't my long-term fit. I danced through non-profits and advertising agencies until fate led me to my sweet spot—film branding!

got my marketing & branding start in the corporate world


Film branding was a whirlwind freelance journey—inspiring, yet I craved stability, freedom, and creativity. So, I took a bold turn, launching a women's clothing boutique with e-commerce. Harnessing my branding skills, I invested in ME, and the outcome was remarkable; My dream brand soared, and I was on cloud nine!

started my own women's clothing boutique


Life sure loves a good plot twist! Just when smooth sailing seemed in reach, I discovered I was expecting my first child. After 4 years of ownership, I sold my store brand to an inclined buyer. Two years later, I started a digital marketing agency focused on social media management.

sold my boutique & started a digital marketing agency


My digital agency was soaring high, and then... March 2020 entered the chat. I lost 90% of my revenue and clients in one day. But amidst the chaos, I took a deep breath and asked myself, "What do I truly love?" Turns out, my passion was right there all along—creating beautiful brands.

re-directed dekka creative to branding & design


My business leaps came when I embraced my branding superpower and cut out all the noise. And you know what? Now I'm here to help you do the same. Let's create an unforgettable brand as you step into your CEO era. This is just the start of your journey.

you ended up here, looking for an UNforgettable brand & reading my story

How I got here

my Business Owner Origin Story

Life never gives you what you expect...


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